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iRest Meditation for Older Adults with Depression Symptoms - Helane Wahbeh, ND, MCR and Nina Fry, MA

The growing population of older adults with depression symptoms is a serious public health issue, and there is a need for effective interventions to support this population. Preliminary positive evidence supports the use of iRest (Integrative Restoration) in older adults with depression symptoms. This study at the Institute of Noetic Sciences evaluated the depression and depression-related symptoms in older adults after an iRest intervention.


Associate Editor - A Time for listening and Caring

Prepared the book A Time for Listening and Caring: Spirituality and the Care of the Chronically Ill and Dying, edited by Christina Puchalski, MD, for publication by Oxford University Press. This included the management of chapter submissions by 16 authors from around the world (including the Dalai Lama), editing and formatting the full text, and compiling resources. Book Description: Research and anecdotal evidence indicate that spirituality is central to the care of the chronically ill and dying. This book is a informative and practical guide for healthcare providers who interact with seriously ill patients and are interested in learning how to address their spiritual needs.



A Call to Action: Drugs in Our WaterJoel Kreisberg, DC, MA and Nina Fry, MA

One of healthcare's central issues is how to promote human health without further degrading the environment. Clean, safe, drinking water is essential for life on earth, but did you know that 80% of waterways tested in the US show traces of medications such as hormones, codeine and antibiotics? The EPA considers the presence of these medications in the environment to be one of the most significant emerging threats of the 21st century.



Integrative medicine: a clinician's journal

Pediatric Environmental Health - Joel Kreisberg, DC, MA and Nina Fry, MA

Optimal health of children is critical for both their and our well-being as well as essential for our society's future. Sadly, a growing number of children are suffering from environmental health issues. Fortunately, these can be addressed in clinical practice by using age-old tools of education, prevention, environmental awareness and, if necessary, treatment.


Integrative medicine: A Clinician's Journal

Workplace Stress and Health - Joel Kreisberg, DC, MA and Nina Fry, MA

The workplace environment and workplace stress, specifically, have been found to have significant impacts on health. Workplace stress has been clearly associated with health risk factors such as obesity, smoking, reduced physical activity and high blood pressure. Understanding and addressing these issues is necessary to bring sustainable approaches to healthcare. 


FIVE Easy ways to finally start that meditation practice you have always wanted, By Nina Fry-Kizler, MA

Starting a meditation practice, or any other new health behavior, can be challenging in ways we never could have imaged. We know meditation is good for us, but often we simply can't get our meditation practice off the ground. There are important reasons why we may experience a lot of resistance to starting new behaviors (even when they are good for us). This article explains why change can be hard and five simple and powerful tools to get your meditation practice going and stick to it.  


Elephant Journal - The (very real) Power of mind-body medicine techniques - Nina fry-kizler, MA

Research shows that stress can have a negative impact on post-surgical healing. Using mind-body medicine techniques, such as guided imagery and meditation, for surgical preparation and recovery can dramatically decrease pre-operative stress and anxiety, blood loss, post-operative pain, length of hospital stay and medication use and increase wound healing, recovery speed, and post-operative well-being. This article explains how mind-body medicine works to reduce stress and increase positive surgical outcomes.


ELEPHANT JOURNAL - 5 Ways to Break Our Immunity to Change and Meditate Regularly - Nina Fry-Kizler, MA

The truth is, knowing the how and why of doing something doesn’t necessarily translate to sustainable action. This resistance is so common that I became curious about why it can be difficult to integrate a new behavior into our lives. It turns out that our self-system will see any new behavior as a threat, even when it's something good for us. This is because change is perceived as destabilizing. This article discusses the "Immunity to Change" and some tools to work with it to create a sustainable meditation practice. 


Want to be healthier? Be Part of the Quantum Physics Revolution - Nina Fry-Kizler, MA

We’re in the midst of a revolution. It’s about health, and medicine and, fundamentally, how we perceive reality. Understanding quantum physics can change how we see ourselves, our relationships to other people, and what we believe about our bodies and our capacity to heal. Quantum science is proving that concepts like quantum healing are not only possible, but are happening.


Elephant journal - Three Powerful Tools That Helped Me Stop White-Knuckling My Way Through Anxiety - Nina fry-kizler, MA

Experiencing chronic anxiety can trip off the same hormones and chemicals in our bodies as though we were constantly being chased by a lion. Really—anxiety makes our minds and bodies believe we are in danger and kicks off the stress response, which prepares us to flee or fight if need be. Learning how to manage anxiety can help our body turn off the stress response and make sure all our energy is used for to help our bodies function properly,  think more clearly, experience better moods, communicate more effectively and feel more productive.