Teaching is an incredible honor for me. I believe that the classroom is an amazing platform not only for learning but also for personal and professional transformation. I create dynamic learning experiences in subjects such as consciousness and healing, holistic stress management, mind body medicine, wellness coaching, energy healing and the process of change. This multi-media, transformative education content can be delivered in the classroom, online and/or in a self-paced learning format. I have worked with multiple online education platforms such as eCollege, Moodle, Blackboard and CollaborizeClassroom. Teaching can be geared towards multiple audiences including: train-the-trainer models, direct to consumer and a variety of age groups. I create my own media assets such as meditations, classroom and homework assignments. I have developed a dynamic feedback and review process for grading and evaluation. My teaching style, as well as my content is integrative and based on addressing and connecting with the “whole person” in each student. I also teach students about the importance of an educator/ practitioner’s presence in the classroom and with their clients. I believe that our attitudes and ways of being with the people we serve are as important as the content we deliver.

I incorporate elements of bio-social-emotional learning, multiple intelligences, and service-learning in my courses. In believe in the philosophy of the “Living Classroom” by Christopher Bache, in which all participants in the learning process have valuable experience and wisdom to contribute to the collective learning process. These philosophies and curriculum formats encourage cognitive flexibility, appreciation of diverse perspectives and self-awareness, make theories real, reveal new perspectives and encourage students to rely on intellect as well as other ways of knowing. The curricula are also designed to insure that all learning objectives and competencies are met.

Professionally, Nina is well-organized, confident, proficient and a pioneer in holistic health education - an exciting combination! The content from the classes she taught was mind-blowing and life changing.
— Roslyn Miller, RN, BSN ~ Nurse & Former JFKU Student


Whether you are struggling with an illness, going through a major life transition, or simply feel like your stress and anxiety are getting the best of you, I can teach you practical, simple and really effective mind body medicine techniques to help you feel better in all areas of your life.

I work with people who are struggling with issues of stress and anxiety and feel that it is negatively impacting their health, relationships and capacity to feel joy. So many health conditions are stress related and often people are looking for ways “push the de-stress” button after either receiving a diagnosis of a health issue or simply knowing that stress and anxiety are making it hard for them to be healthy and feel good in their bodies. As a coach, I teach powerful, yet simple and easy mind body medicine tools to dramatically reduce stress and I help you learn ways to integrate these tools into your life for good, so it’s not just one more thing that you try, but falls away once you get too busy.

Clients consistently have incredible breakthroughs in how healthy and joyful they feel and their relationships improve for the better when they are able to communicate more effectively using mind body tools. You deserve to feel empowered and know that you can have a dramatic and positive shift in your health, your relationships and your life. 

Interested in a free 20-minute coaching consultation? I’d love to talk to you about working together! Contact me here for your free coaching consultation.

Working with Nina was extremely beneficial for me as someone who experiences significant amounts of stress. Nina is supportive and enthusiastic and she is very knowledgeable about Mind Body Medicine and other tools and techniques. She has a way about her that just makes you excited to learn and grow.
— Coaching Client


I create and facilitate workshops delivering hands-on tools and practices in mind body medicine, consciousness and healing, energy models of health and wellness and holistic stress management. These workshops are geared towards individuals and groups who are interested in learning self-healing techniques to improve their health and well-being. Workshops range from two hours to several months long and are customized to meet the needs and interests of each group.  Participants find these workshops fun and empowering and leave with a sense of mastery over practical tools to improve their well-being.

Nina is dependable and passionate about her work and her critical thinking and problem solving skills are exceptional. Her sense of humor, authentic self, and ability to communicate effectively creates just the right environment for everyone she encounters so they feel supported, and valued.
— Katia Petersen, PhD ~ Director of Education, Institute of Noetic Sciences